January 2018 frigid temps..❄️

RVA has had the coldest winter since 1996. Remember all that snow we had in PA then? Well not so much snow here but damn it’s been frigid. 0 degrees. Everything melted with our 0 to 45 degrees week. Now below freezing again. And another snowfall today.

Michele says let’s make snow cream. Since this is a southern thing… we came trotting up the street to get some!

Michele makes hers with condensed milk v the milk/sugar YUMMY!!


πŸŽ„ Christmas 2017 πŸŽ…πŸ»

The weather started to chill down after unseasonably warm (70+) couple days before Christmas. Easy walk around the neighborhood delivering Cards. Off to the movies. Then Christmas Eve tree trimming πŸŽ„ with the Tillers !

Just the 2 of us Christmas morning and back to have dinner with the girls!

And Mike taxied mom & dad for a great few days here with more good vittles and drink.

So. My New Year’s resolution needs to be – find a selfie stick I can operate because I’m still not improving on the selfies.

2017 winding down- the big chill coming from the north so settling in for the end of the holiday is the plan!

Merry Merry Everyone 🍷 !

The Nutcracker

The Christmas ballet of all time is performed by the RICHMOND Ballet. They include students from the ballet classes. It is highly competitive and you gotta fit those expensive costumes. Tillers asked us to attend with them to see Rylee perform.

OMG it was magnificent! So vibrant in colors, extraordinary talent and a first rate production! I was mesmerized! Rylee did spectacular as a bunny under Mother Ginger. AND. The Carpenter Center is a magical theater. Just a special day overall!

Mikey really did enjoy it. Besides the grumbling. No photos allowed during. I wish they had professional ones. It was gorgeous stage settings!

And after the performance we all went to our favorite Mexican– Cerra Azul.

The little dancer post performance. Check out this big stage and the RICHMOND Symphony as orchestra!!

Historic Holiday Home Tour

I’ve tried to go to as many historic home tours as possible. RVA has homes from 1700’s and up. ( and no Grant didn’t burn Richmond – Lee just set the artillery on fire upon retreat). This year Petersburg had their 2nd Annual historic homes open for tours. Very surprised so many from 1700’s still occupied today. Brick sidewalks English gardens Original windows Lovely modern updates Cozy Truly a labor of love to live there.

My friend Meredith Tyree went with me. We met up with General Lee too! The gorgeous snow from 2 days before was almost gone and was a beautiful day to walk about.

πŸ¦ƒ Thanksgiving 2017 πŸ¦ƒ

Every other year the Rosencrance’s meet at the beach. Mema still knows most of us & Poppop is slowly healing from his surgery this summer. Been a long haul for them but everyone was So Thankful to be with them ❀️!

Arrival Tuesday, after we stopped at Virginia Diner with Lori. Best fried chicken!

and took a walk on the beach

Amy has chores for everyone: Mikey got new lightbulb duty

Cooking was a joint effort. Everyone melded together as usual, such a great time.

We all loved on Bella. Watched the parade enough to see the Midlothian Cheer team march. And photo time::

We compared 6 years ago….

To this year::: too cold to beach it…

But the bestest was Pop pop writing Mema

Notes on the napkins :

And finally, some baby time–


RVA train station renovation

Like many city original train stations, RVA’s has terrific architecture. Recently opened after a huge restoration, I went to see it and the Design Show at the same time. The car shed is huge and is perfect for events. Look closely at the glass flooring Underneath are restored original train tracks. My friend Ernestine went with me. It was a great time!

Isn’t it cool how you can actually walk on glass floor!

Look at the beautiful waiting area chairs, larger more comfy waiting area with historical photo art , gorgeous woodwork and marble floors. Striking!